Main Street Marketing helps you to overcome common small business marketing challenges…

Not Enough Time To Spend On Marketing

Most small business marketing strategies require a large time investment. Generating organic business takes a strong SEO strategy and regularly posting content to your digital profiles.

SOLUTION… Outsource your marketing to a professional marketing agency.

Outsourcing gives you time to concentrate on your core tasks and focus on your customers. Learning and maintaining new marketing skills and managing all the marketing tasks takes you and your staff away from what you’re best at.

A Small Marketing Budget

No business operates without financial constraints but there are some ways to keep your marketing costs low and still generate leads.

SOLUTION… Use organic marketing and search engine optimization to generate leads.

While it may take longer than online advertising to bear fruit, good content delivers traffic to your website and converts visitors into customers.

Not Using Lead Generation Techniques

No matter how great you are at selling your products or services, you can’t get anywhere if you don’t have leads. To get leads from your marketing efforts, you must share content that piques the interest of potential buyers in your target market. It’s essential to research what potential buyers in your target market need to solve their problems and create content showing them how you solve their problems.

SOLUTION… Create blogs, videos, and featured work posts that highlight topics that interest your target market.

Content that is full of helpful and valuable information can be a great source of website traffic and leads. If you also have the budget for online advertising you can use it to accelerate the amount of traffic to your website and its content.

Not Targeting the Right Audience

If you’re speaking to everyone, you’re talking to no one. While small business owners want to target anyone and everyone who may be interested in their product or service, they’re missing out on a significant opportunity to personalize messaging based on their buyer personas. Targeting too large of an audience dilutes your message and provides poor leads.

SOLUTION… Know the audience you want to target.

Building customer personas and figuring out how these people think and talk about your niche is ideal for generating the best leads for your sales pipeline. Once you identify your target audience and buyer personas, feed all that information into your marketing materials so you can speak to your prospects about their pain points from their perspective.

Low Brand Recognition and Visibility

Too many small businesses feel that branding is something only big organizations can do. But every brand, no matter how big or small, should have a consistent brand known by potential buyers in their target market. Branding your small business enables potential customers to further connect with your company and drives loyalty.

SOLUTION… Use social media to drive brand awareness and focus on local search engine optimization.

Blogs, featured work posts, videos, and graphics shared on social media will brand your business. Google business profile optimization, good and consistent online reviews, and Google business profile posts are a great way to get found in local searches. 


Digital Marketing

Organic Marketing & Advertising

Starting at $1,000/Month
Comprehensive Digital Marketing, Blogs, SEO, Search / Social Advertising, Social Media Marketing, & More!

Internet Presence

Organic Content Marketing

Starting at $700/month
Organic Digital Marketing, Blogs, SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing, Online Reviews, Videos, & More!

Local Marketing Essentials

Essential Online Marketing

Starting at $300/month
Website Design, Website Updates, Local Search Engine Optimization, Online Reviews System, and More!


Website Marketing

Updates, Hosting, Maintenance, and Support

SEO / Blogs

SEO Optimized Blogs and Featured Work Posts

Social Media

Multiple Postings Per Day On the Main Social Media Platforms


Videos for Website, Social Media, & More

Lead Generation

Lead Magnets, Lead Campaigns, &  Landing Pages

Email Marketing

Triggered Email Campaigns, Enewsletters, & Eblasts

Local SEO

Profile Optimization, Local Pages, Local Content, and More

Online Reviews

Online Review System and Email/Text Campaigns

Online Ads

Search / Social Ads (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, & More)

Graphic Design

Online and Offline Graphic Design Projects


Podcast Management for Google, Apple, and Spotify



By utilizing online marketing strategies such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, content marketing, and email marketing, businesses can target their desired audience and attract potential leads.

BUILD TRUST with Potential Customers

Valuable content educates and informs prospects about your products or services. By sharing your knowledge and expertise, you establish your company as an industry leader and gain credibility with potential customers.

Generate and Nurture LEADS

Your online marketing content will work 24/7 to convert prospects into paying customers. The right content will give potential customers enough confidence in your company and its services to request an appointment.


We Create Leads With a PROVEN STRATEGY

We create a comprehensive Internet Presence for our clients... a website that converts, blogs, featured work posts, search engine optimization, social media, text marketing, email marketing, online reviews, video, & more.

Our “SKIN” Is In The Game With Yours

We don't sweep in and tell you how to do it and then leave. We don't promise you silver bullet software solutions that will cure all your ills! We are in the trenches with you week in and week out as you grow your business.

ALL Content Is Created For ONE PURPOSE

We are different from most online marketing companies because we create all of your content (blogs, featured work, pages, social media, emails, videos, and more). All your content will be working together for one purpose... Leads!

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