Search Engine Optimization

Main Street Marketing


Surgically Bringing the Right Prospects To Your Website For Conversion

SEO surgically brings the right prospects to your website, so you can start converting them into customers. We focus on building or correcting your website’s SEO foundation and build on that foundation consistently over time using only white hat SEO techniques. This holistic, organic approach to improving your SEO will give you the best results and the most long lasting effects when compared to campaign style SEO techniques that tend to lose rankings quickly after an SEO service is discontinued. 

Google and other search engines are pushing for more and more quality, consistency, and just overall passion being put into your website before they give it higher rankings. This holistic and organic approach to SEO protects your website from the potential ill effects that future algorithm changes may have on your website and allows you to thrive while others lose search rankings because of their previous blatant attempts to game the system.


Included with the Internet Presence Package or the Brick & Mortar Internet Presence Package

  • SEO Optimized Featured Work Blog Posts – We will create featured work posts to prove that your company can provide the results potential customers desire
  • SEO Optimized Educational Blog Posts – We will create search engine optimized educational posts that answer the questions your potential customers are asking.
  • SEO Audit / Competition Analysis – A full audit of your website’s SEO and an analysis of the search engine competition for the client’s keywords.
  • Keyword Research, Strategy, and Implementation – Using the SEO audit to find the best available keywords to improve your search engine rankings and then placing them strategically on the pages and post of your website. 
  • Fixing and Building Citations, NAP, and Schema – Adding citations to 3rd party sites that link back to the company website, Improving the name, address, and phone (NAP) information for clients across the internet, and adding schema and rich snippets to your website so search engine listings standout and increase click through rates. All these activities will improve search engine rankings. View an example or a citations report.
  • Search Engine Analytics – One link to view all of your keyword rankings, Google rankings, competition comparisons, and more.