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Social Media Management in Northern KentuckySOCIAL MEDIA

Spreading Messages to Your Network and THEIR Network

Main Street Marketing will handle your day to day social media management, making sure that your accounts are always growing. We create content and distribute tweets, posts, and updates with messages that are always in line with your company’s vision, products, and services. Your social network pages will be fully optimized, active, and interesting to your customers.


There is a lot of “shallow” social media being used by businesses on the internet. They post just a quick picture and some words on your social media accounts but what does that really get you? NOT MUCH! Social Media can be powerful when an image or video is linked back to a post on your website that shows prospects how you can solve their problems. Once they are on your website, a good site will convert them into a customer. It all starts with content and without it social media on it’s own doesn’t produce many leads. Your business needs… An Internet Presence Package that leverages social media and your content to generate leads.

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Included with the…


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  • Featured Work Posts and Search Engine Optimized Posts Pushed to Social Media – We will push all posts to relevant social media sites with a picture, a teaser, and a link back to a website that will convert visitors into customers.
  • Social Media Only Posts – We will create social media only posts that are meant to engage with clients to get likes, shares, comments, and more! Some of the social media only posts will be for date driven promotions and events.
    • We will share and create images and videos overtime that explain your company and its products and services.
    • Finished images with wording and videos will be shared in all your social media at the right times of the year.
    • And more!
  • Repurposed Blog and Social Media Posts – We will repurpose relevant blogs from your library and other social media only posts to social media to increase their viewership. We can also have them reposted for specific times of the year.

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