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Proving You Are As Good As You Say You Are

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Online Reviews are super important for your Search Engine Optimization and in helping prospects choose your business when they visit your social media or website. People trust the reviews as much as if their friends and family were referring them. Proving that you are as good as you say you are is very important and the Internet Presence Package combines online reviews, before/after pics or video, and a description of what you did for your customer when creating comprehensive Featured Work Posts. These posts are kept kept on your website and are shared through your social media and email marketing to help convert your prospects in to customers.

We Create Review Funnels For Your Business

We funnel reviews your way in an easy and unobtrusive way that asks and reminds your customers to review your business.

Send your customer to GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, YELP and 100+ other social media and reviews sites to get reviews!

1. We shepherd customers to give reviews via email, print and texting methods. All reviewers are sent to one review page that contains only the social review networks that will help your business the most.

Online Reviews Northern Kentucky Online Review System

2. We guide customers through a process to make it as easy as possible to leave a positive review.

3. We prevent negative reviews by stopping a negative review in its tracks and giving unhappy customers a way to immediately contact a manager or owner to resolve the issue.

4. You will be able to quantify your review results with monthly reports that will give you actionable insights.

5. You will be able to leverage and amplify your 4 & 5 star reviews on your website and social media.