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Main Street Marketing

Main Street Marketing is a digital marketing firm that provides successful online marketing solutions in Cincinnati. We work hard with our clients to enhance their strategies and develop their digital presence.

Cincinnati is the 3rd largest city in Ohio and 64th largest city in the US. With a population of over 300,000, it is considered one of the US’s fastest-growing cities in terms of industries such as real estate, science and technology, global trade, health care, and manufacturing. The relatively low cost of living, a healthy job environment, and plenty of good schools make Cincinnati an attractive haven for families.

Cincinnati boasts of tourist spots such as the Cincinnati Museum Center, the Cincinnati Zoo, the US’s 2nd oldest zoo, and the Cincinnati Opera, the 2nd oldest opera company in the country. It is also home to the Cincinnati Reds, the US’s oldest professional baseball team.

The city’s bustling economy has made starting a business truly inviting for many entrepreneurs. The key to your business being a success  is to develop effective marketing strategies so that your business can stand out amidst this intense competition. Even the most successful and largest corporations in Cincinnati are adapting to the changes in business environment to seek out a competitive edge online.

Innovation is the name of the game in today’s ever-changing world. An effective online presence and digital marketing strategy are now considered a significant factor in business growth, longevity, and success. If you want to achieve your goals Main Street Marketing is here to help you do just that.

Throughout the years, our digital marketing strategies have provided data-driven and growth-focused marketing strategies to expand a business’s presence online. A multitude of businesses, from family-owned enterprises, local franchises, and multinational companies, have used our services and gained unprecedented success.

Our digital marketing services include SEO, web design and development, PPC, eCommerce, social media marketing, to name a few.

Our Search Engine Optimization

The primary objective of search engine optimization or SEO is to position your website at the top of search engine results pages or SERP. Main Street Marketing boasts of a professional SEO team highly proficient in generating results-oriented SEO strategies.

We are adept to what needs to be done to push your business to the top of the page and keep it well-entrenched there. We begin your journey by performing a careful assessment of your website plus a comprehensive keyword research to identify your requirements and carry out the most appropriate methodology for your SEO campaigns.

Our Web Development and Design

Many web users can glimpse a lot about your business and online presence through your website. At Main Street, we can revamp your brand from good to excellent by creating a website compelling enough to convert visitors to loyal customers.

Our accomplished web designers and graphic artists create high-quality sample images and mock-ups to ensure that your website echoes your brand. We are incredibly knowledgeable in the newest trends of website design to provide your customers with an exceptional browsing and shopping adventure. We are versatile and flexible and can consolidate your chosen CMS platform to allow you to manage your online shop effortlessly.

Our Social Media Marketing

Included in Main Street’s digital marketing services are customized social media marketing strategies and bespoke campaigns. Our exclusive solutions can help expand your business’s online presence across every social media platform available. We are a team of well-respected, highly-experienced social media marketing professionals. Our years of experience have given us a unique and broad-ranging knowledge in handling multitudes of social media campaigns and generating considerable success. We are centered on acquiring more certified leads, converting them into repeat customers, and achieving a continuous return on investment for you.

Our Pay-per-click Service

Pay-per-click is a digital marketing strategy that is always evolving. Main Street has a team of highly-qualified pay-per-click specialists whose vast experience in providing our clients PPC solutions will ensure positive results for your business. We strictly adhere to the AdWord best practices to establish your business at the forefront of your customers across various ad platforms. We employ unique and focused strategies that best suit your particular business requirements. Our approach is tailored, and unique to your specific business needs to bring about success in every aspect of your business.

Our Online Reputation Management Solutions

An essential reason for utilizing a smooth digital marketing scheme is to build the online reputation of your business that can be beneficial to its success. Any unfavorable feedback can destroy your business image. It could end up with a negative impact on your online presence for quite some time. Main Street Marketing provides an extensive online reputation management service to prevent reputation damage. Our team oversees your online accounts to pinpoint and clear up negative reviews about your brand.

Our Content Writing Services

Main Street Marketing has a talented team of writers and editors that writes effective content designed to bolster your online marketing needs. Our professional writers create relevant and advanced content that will build your brand identity, encourage your audience to action, and acquire consistent online exposure. Each piece of content we put out resonates with your digital marketing strategy so whether its  blogs, web copy, social media copy, or downloadable assets are created, the end result will always be conversions.

Our Video Production Services

One of the more exciting ways of promoting products and services is through videos. They have proven effective in converting website visitors to loyal customers. Main Street Marketing’s video production team has experience and ingenuity needed to engage your target crowd and enhance your brand identity through video. Our talented team creates progressive video web advertisements optimized to develop your viewer’s interest and establish customer confidence.

Our Conversion Rate Optimization Solutions

Main Street has a team of conversion rate optimization or CRO experts extremely adept at helping you generate more conversions. They employ excellent CRO strategies, including SEO, market research, campaign performance monitoring, and landing page creation. We use targeted campaigns and data-based systems in all of our marketing schemes, so you can expect to acquire more conversions and certified leads for a consistent return on investment.

What is the Main Street Marketing Advantage?

Partnering with the first digital marketing company you find is just not good enough anymore in today’s dynamic business environment. You need to make sure you choose a firm that is committed to understanding your business directives and goals to generate positive ROI. Not every digital marketing agency knows this.

Main Street Marketing is a full-portfolio digital marketing company in greater Cincinatti that creates diverse online marketing projects that produce non-stop positive feedback on your business. Our services, ranging from website development and design, social media marketing to SEO, eCommerce, and PPC, are geared towards developing and expanding various businesses and brands every day.

Our digital marketing specialists are armed with an unparalleled track record of growing our clients’ ventures through our unique and custom digital marketing strategies.

Here are more reasons why you should choose Main Street Marketing for your digital marketing needs:

Integrity and Work Ethic

We place great emphasis on maintaining our integrity and high standard of work ethic. These values are the major factors for our growth and success throughout the years. Every member of our team is focused on providing the needs of our client above all else. We work hard to provide trustworthy and conscientious services to clients while meeting their business goals and needs. Everyone is geared towards giving the utmost respect and understanding of the interests and objectives of our clients. We create strong, results-driven digital marketing strategies so our clients will achieve their business marketing and sales goals.

Proven Performance

You do not have to waste money on a company that does not deliver results. When you choose to work with us, you are partnering with a company that has a proven track record of performance success. You will have a distinct advantage over your competition..

Many of our clients have witnessed unprecedented leads growth, expanded conversions, and increased profits because of their enhanced online presence. Our digital marketing specialists use tried-and-tested results-driven solutions. Ever since our inception in 2005, it has been our commitment to bring out the very best of each brand we handle.

Digital Marketing Specialists

Main Street Marketing is composed of a professional team of digital marketing specialists who are recognized in their field of expertise. Our dedicated account handlers, brand managers, SEO and PPC professionals, and social media advisors are focused on providing top-quality marketing blueprints to every client. We do not just aspire for initial results. We prefer to go for the long-haul impact, not only to meet but rather exceed our clients’ expectations.

Complete and Accurate Reporting

Main Street Marketing firmly believes that our clients deserve to be updated on the status of their campaigns. We provide you with custom reports that are detailed and accurate so that you can appreciate the results.

Prompt and Efficient Delivery

Delays can be costly, not only in terms of money but also in terms of lost time. Our team takes adequate time to review your requirements to give you a realistic timetable. We provide you with your own project manager, so you are updated with every aspect of your campaigns. We keep all lines of communication open for you.

Custom Solutions

At Main Street, it is our firm belief that every brand or business is unique and needs a specific approach to achieve its goals. Our marketing team will give you the assurance that they always take their time in discerning what your business requires and outline all the ways and means to achieve success. Each solution we come up with will always be in line with your vision of success.

We are highly-experienced in handling B2B and B2C companies, and while our numerous clients have been satisfied with us time and time again, we are ready to venture into just about any trade or industry we may come across.

We have delivered maximum results and enhanced user-experience through our website designs, content creation, and SEO programs for companies in the following industries:




Food & Beverage

Health Care

Home Improvement






Real Estate



Call or email us for a detail review of on how we can help you achieve your online goals.