Lead Generation

Main Street Marketing


Converting Prospects Into Customers Quicker and More Often
Included with the Internet Presence Package or the Brick & Mortar Internet Presence Package

  • Monthly Enewsletter – We will send a monthly enewsletter to all your contacts sharing your latest posts on the 15th of each month.
  • Eblasts
    • A monthly focus will be sent out on the 1st of each month that contains the focus for that month (ie. Summer, Christmas) and a promotion if you have one for that month (ie. 10% off for all purchases of XYZ service, etc.).
    • We will send eblasts to segmented groups of your full contact list as a needed or opportunity arises.
  • Automated Email Campaigns – We will automate lead generation email campaigns based on what information your prospects and customers request from your website and click on in your email marketing.

Why Lead Generation / Lead Nurturing Is So Important

Lead Generation / Lead Nurturing is where all of your marketing efforts converge, enabling your sales team to convert prospects into customers quicker and more often. Lead Generation/Lead Nurturing leverages customer relationship management, email marketing, and marketing automation. It provides the right message to the right person at the right time. Your potential customers will feel like they know you, like you, and trust you before they ever meet you! Lead Nurturing’s goal is to ensure that every seller has the required knowledge, skills, processes and behaviors to optimize every interaction with buyers.

  • Good Content Supports Consensus Buying – According to Demand Gen Report up to 95% of purchases are directly influenced by content. Presentations, case studies, eBooks, and other sales content and sales tools are a key part of the decision process as they are shared with the members of the decision committee.
  • Good Content Can Build Trust – According to a Forrester’s Report, 61% of salespeople add no value to the sales process, according to enterprise buyers. People buy from who they have a relationship with and content can build those relationships over time.
  • Good Content, Process, and Delivery Make Salespeople More Efficient – Sales people who don’t have content created for them and don’t have a process or a delivery system will spend time their valuable time looking for, creating, or customizing content to share. Sales people with good content, a good process, and a good content delivery system will be able to work with more prospects than a salesperson without them.
  • Good Content Measurement Shows Best Practices – You can determine what that best practices are for using content and messaging through measurement.