Get Better Reviews for Your Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky Small Business By Using a Strategy, Some Tools, and Tactics

Social media, search engines, and popular review sites allow consumer opinions to travel faster and reach further than ever before. Reviews are modern day word of mouth (eWOM) marketing posted on sites like Yelp, Google+, Angie's List, and more. Reviews are easily seen and shareable and are probably … [Read more...]

Seven Things Your Company Can Do To Ensure A Successful Content Marketing Strategy

Successful Content Marketing Needs...  Leadership Buy-In - Leadership must want to be premier thought-leaders in their industry. Leadership That Takes the Time to Get Staff Buy-In - Leadership will need to explain to staff why content marketing is essential.  They will let the … [Read more...]

Your Google+ Business Page is Essential to Your Company’s SEO Efforts! See Why…

Your Google+ Business Page effects your Google Search rankings. Your Google Search rankings are important because 9 out of 10 people search the internet when they want a new product or service. In recent studies, Google's Search Engine accounts for 68% of all searches, while Bing, it's next closest … [Read more...]

Content Is King…And It Makes Your Prospects Sales READY!

This guy is maybe a little too excited about content marketing but what he is doing is exactly what you should let Main Street Marketing help you create for your business. Content can extend your reach by pulling in prospects through search engine optimization and then make your prospects more … [Read more...]

What You Need To Get Right On Your Website To Generate Leads

You need to develop online offers - Something of value.  Not a free consultation.  We are trying to get as many people in the sales funnel as possible.  We want a soft yes.  A free consultation (A.K.A. sales call) is a hard yes.  What can you offer that will educate your … [Read more...]