Web-logs (or “blogs) are unique communication vehicles for your business, particularly for branding, relationship marketing and traffic building. You’re an expert at what you do and there is no better way than a blog to show it. Main Street Marketing feels that Blogs are an essential part of Search Engine Marketing program and when leveraged with a good marketing mix, they can provide great Return on Investment (ROI).

The Benefits of Creating and Maintaining a Blog

  • Increased traffic to your Web site
  • Free exposure to the press
  • Higher search engine rankings
  • Brand recognition among readers
  • Immediate customer feedback
  • More sales
  • Decrease in marketing collateral expenses

What Is a Blog’s ROI?

  • What would a pay-per-click campaign cost to get you the same traffic as a blog?
  • How much would advertising cost to get the same press attention?
  • What would you have to pay an online expert for the same results?
  • What were the costs for your sales efforts before launching your blog?

Find Your Niche

Main Street Marketing feels like every small business has its niche and expertise or they wouldn’t still be in business. There is no better way than a Blog to sell potential customers indirectly on what your expertise is and why they should care.

Educate Prospects… Don’t Sell to Them

All Bloggers must refrain from “in your face” selling tactics. Educate first and the sales will come.

Stay Top Of Mind With Your Prospects and Customers

Keeping your company on the top of your prospects mind is the name of the game. Sow the seeds though a blog and harvest prospects later without trying to “sell” them to believe in you. If they follow your Blog…odds are they already believe in what you have to say.

Our Internet Presence Package is a Combination of Marketing Strategies that will help your company to teach and communicate better with its prospects and customers.

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Since 2006, Main Street Marketing has been creating Internet Presence Solutions for small businesses mainly in the Cincinnati – Northern Kentucky area. Main Street Marketing uses internet marketing, search engine optimization, social media, lead generation, and video to create a true Internet Presence for its clients. When integrated correctly, this core group of services provide results together that none of the services could provide on their own or in phases.
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