Being online can expand your current customer base and revenue. The food delivery market is changing fast. Building an online presence is a necessity today. Clients who would otherwise never see an ad or hear about your business go online every day of the week. With an online presence, you will be tapping customers on the shoulder and telling them a story about your great restaurant.

Advantages Of Online Food Ordering

Adding a customer-friendly online ordering system at the table is a proven statistic that you can boost your sales and increase your profit margin. Most restaurant owners have captured new customers with online delivery services. It is easy, convenient, and completely transparent for your customers. Most people have moved from ordering offline to ordering online. The phone is part of their everyday life and online ordering is so easy.

We would like to list just a few of the advantages:

  • Your Own Online Service Leaves You With More Profit – When you choose to work with a third-party delivery vendor, it’s standard for them to take a percentage of every order they send your way. Uber Eats, for example, charges a fee of approximately 30% of every check that comes to the restaurant via Uber Eats. This can be an intolerable cost for restaurants that operate on razor-thin margins. Creating and operating your own delivery system gives you greater control over the guest experience, ensuring that at-home diners can enjoy the same high-quality experience they would also have had they chosen to dine on site.
  • People Want To Place Order Quickly and Painlessly – With the customer’s smartphone you are just a click away. On their way home from work while sitting in traffic they can place the order and by the time they get home the order is at their doorstep. Statistics say that 69% of customers order food online using their mobile device.
  • Millennials Want To Order From Their Phones – The Harris Poll is an American market research and analytics company that has been tracking the sentiment, behaviors, and motivations of American adults since 1963. According to the Harris poll in this day and age, millennials (people under 30) are your most important target. The report clearly states that restaurant dining accounts for 43% of the average family’s annual food budget. Over 97% of Millennials actually use their phones for everything. And ordering food online falls right into the category. So being online is probably your most important, sales-generating system possible.
  • Hungry Customers Order Much More Food Online – As the saying goes, the first bite is with the eye. So, enabling your customers to go online and see your menu when they are hungry pushes them towards ordering more food than they would normally order over the phone. Online ordering is appealing and stimulating to all your hungry customers. And that means streamlining your business.
  • Less Misunderstood Ordering – One of the big issues with phone conversation is confusion, due to the noise on the phone or a mistake in understanding the customer. This will not happen with online ordering. With online ordering, all preferences are specified directly by the customer from the menu list.
  • Make Money While You Sleep – Your online service is open 24/7. Your customers can do their ordering at their convenience anytime during the day or night. It is easy for your customers to fit online ordering into your life no matter how busy they are. When you open each day, you will already have a to-do list
  • Online Menus Are Simpler To Manage and Not Expense – Not only do you rid yourself of the time of printing menus, but you also save overhead. Plus, you can easily, on your computer. rearrange your menu easily. Change the prices and even entice diners by setting up daily promotions. According to the NPR online clients tend to spend 4% more money, on average.

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Cater to your customers’ needs by allowing them to order directly from your restaurant’s website and/or Facebook page. Convert them with an ordering experience that’s intuitive and mobile-friendly. Feature your brand across every transaction, including gift cards, tickets, merchandise, and online orders. No matter what you do, make sure you always have a good grip on your operations and customers.

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