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A marketing book to help your business create a marketing strategy to scale your business. Our skilled, knowledgeable, and insightful authors provide marketing strategies for the future of small to midsize businesses who wish to scale and grow their business.
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Excerpt of The 7 Key Pieces Of The Digital Marketing Puzzle by Dan Hahn

There is a core group of online marketing activities that provides results together that none of them can provide on their own or in phases. This core group of online marketing activities provides a true internet presence that will create better search engine rankings, more engagement on social media, and ultimately more leads for small businesses. REMEMBER… “If your prospects can’t find you on the internet then you don’t exist” and “If your current customers aren’t inspired or prompted to take action, they’ll take less of it.” The following will explain what the seven key pieces of a digital marketing puzzle are and why small businesses need to use them.

#1 – A Website With Consistent Content Creation
Content is King. Nothing works online without it. Websites, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, and Email marketing will have no effect without good content. Prospects and customers are scouring the internet looking for ways to improve their businesses and content is the way to get them interested in your products and services. Once you prove that you are a thought leader, those decision makers will keep coming back. Once the relationship is made, the sales will come.

Remember that a website is something you own and have control over. Many small business owners use mainly just social media to market themselves and think that is enough. Putting all your eggs in one basket leaves small businesses out in the cold whenever Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, or some other social media company changes their algorithm or starts charging for things that used to be free. You need the following types of content on your website to be shared in your social media, email marketing, and other marketing channels.

  • Search Engine Optimized Posts – These posts will get you ranked on the first couple pages of Google when specific queries are asked by your prospects. If they search for answers on a topic but don’t find your posts or pages on that topic, then you are not going to get a look, an email, a call, or anything when it comes time for them to pick their favorite vendors.
  • Featured Work Posts – Prospects don’t want you to tell them how great you are, they want to see it. They want to see before and after pictures and videos. They want to see good reviews for those specific jobs. The prospects want to know how you helped your customers. THEY WANT PROOF! If you don’t show it, prospects will move on to the next company with a website who does show it.
  • Pictures – Pictures are great for blogs and on pages of your website. Visuals are essential for creating featured work posts.
  • Video – If a picture tells a thousand words, then how many words are told in a video? A bunch! Videos are quickly becoming a must-have for marketing, even for small businesses. There are ways to create videos with raw footage, pictures, and motion graphics that now make it affordable for small businesses to use video in their marketing plan. One of the easiest ways to create video is to capture conversations using Zoom or some other virtual meeting software. These conversations will give a marketing team great raw material to create a large video or smaller bite sized videos about particular topics from your main conversation.
  • Podcasts – People are in their cars a lot. Podcasts are the perfect way to get decision makers to believe in you and your company. You can use the audio from conversations you recorded on Zoom or other virtual meeting software. If you are doing this by video already, then use the audio portion for your podcasts. Speaking about specific topics and challenges just by yourself, is also a perfect way to convince future prospects that they need your products and services to solve their problems.

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10 Chapters From 10 Marketing Experts

The following experts and others provide tons of ideas and tools to help business owners be successful in their marketing…

Dan Hahn
Dan Hahn and Main Street Marketing create online leads using digital marketing. Main Street Marketing’s single goal, since 2006, is to create online leads for businesses. Our Internet Presence Package uses internet marketing, search engine optimization, social media, email marketing, online reviews, and video to create a comprehensive Internet Presence for our clients. This core group of services provide results together that none of them could provide on their own or in phases.



Jodi Brandstetter
Self-Publishing Coach and Recruiting Expert.Jodi believes every business expert has a book inside them. As a Recruiting expert and bestselling author, Jodi understands how a book can open doors to promote your expertise and your business.



Matt Booher
Matt Booher brings more than 20 years of experience in managing digital analytics teams and digital measurement projects. Currently, he is working as a Digital Insights and Analytics Director at Scripps Media Inc, Booher leads insights development for local media’s broadcasting and digital web sites, apps, and over-the-top (OTT) experiences.



Katy Crossen
Katy Crossen has nearly 25 years of marketing and communications experience, but her career began by honing the craft of storytelling in the belly of a newsroom.



Kendra Ramirez

Kendra Ramirez is the Chief Energy Officer at Kendra Ramirez Digital Agency, globally recognized on the home page of, Women of Influence Award Winner, John Barrett Entrepreneur Vision Award recipient, Cincy Chic Woman of the Year, AMA Marketing Legend, author of Marketing Fusion and Micro Shift and a finalist for the Social Media Innovator of the Year.



Peg Stookey is a personal and professional brand strategist, organizational digital brand strategist, and career coach.



James Szuch
James Szuch believes the first step in building a business that thrives is to build products that matter. As a consultant and business leader with over thirty years of experiences, he built successful businesses based on meaningful products that solve critical customer problems. As an executive advisor and educator, James’ mission is to help businesses owners unlock their potential to achieve success.



Kimberlee Vollbrecht
Kimberlee Vollbrecht, President of V2 Strategies, has built a name as the Pipeline Plumber. Just like the plumbing in your house, your sales pipeline needs periodic maintenance – and the occasional upgrade – to keep running smoothly.




A marketing book to help your business create a marketing strategy to scale your business. Our skilled, knowledgeable, and insightful authors provide marketing strategies for the future of small to midsize businesses who wish to scale and grow their business.
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Since 2006, Main Street Marketing has been creating Internet Presence Solutions for small businesses mainly in the Cincinnati – Northern Kentucky area. Main Street Marketing uses internet marketingsearch engine optimizationsocial medialead generation, and video to create a true Internet Presence for its clients. When integrated correctly, this core group of services provide results together that none of the services could provide on their own or in phases.
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