Most small businesses don’t have websites that convert prospects into customers. Some of them are pretty but pretty doesn’t pay the bills. Website leads all start with website traffic because you have to have the traffic in order to have the chance to convert them into customers.


  1. Lack of Planning/Budget – Without a plan and resources your website is doomed! Also, remember that a website isn’t marketing. A website is just a tool to use in your marketing plan. Create a high level 6-12 month marketing plan and then a detailed 3 month plan a month before it’s to be active. Building traffic and generating leads is going to take work that in most cases involves a website, search engine optimization, content, social media, and email marketing among other tools. Using these tools together provides a cummulative effect (1+1+1=10).
  2. Lack of Content – blogs, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media all require unique, interesting, and relevant content to produce results. There is no way around creating content that supports your value added position statement. Without content your lead generation efforts are doomed!
  3. Lack of Ownership – If no one is directly responsible for your website to produce leads then it won’t. You guessed it…It’s doomed! Most small businesses can’t hire a dedicated employee to handle just their marketing. So marketing gets added to someone’s duties, or worse it gets divvied up between multiple people.  Small business can afford to outsource their marketing efforts to an online marketing company. The best small businesses appoint one person to head up supervising the outsourced marketing company.
  4. Unsustainable Expectations – Online marketing is something that is built over time. It is a marathon and not a sprint not matter how much ROI hounds bark about it! You must walk before you run. If marketing is a staircase then you can get to the top steps before walking on the bottom ones. Pick an attainable goal, beat it, then make a another goal one you reach a stable platform to build from.

Your website will be ready to produce leads when… you’ve planned its design and use, funded it sufficiently, produced content weekly, appointed someone to be in charge of it, and know how how you will judge it’s success.

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Since 2006, Main Street Marketing has been creating Internet Presence Solutions for small businesses mainly in the Cincinnati – Northern Kentucky area. Main Street Marketing uses internet marketing, search engine optimization, social media, lead generation, and video to create a true Internet Presence for its clients. When integrated correctly, this core group of services provide results together that none of the services could provide on their own or in phases.
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