Explainer videos are short online videos used to explain your company’s product or service. Explainer videos are extremely popular to those trying to understand a product or service in 30-90 seconds. They are also very popular with companies because they increase conversions at a crazy rate compared to normal blogs or page content. These animated explainer videos allow for unlimited creativity and allow easier edit if they need to be update for some reason.


  1. The Script – Your script is the most important aspect of your explainer video. Even the greatest graphics and the best voiceover imaginable will stink without a great script. Focus on your target market’s concerns and pain points. What scares them about your product or service.  What confuses them.  Lay it all out their with a great script.  Suggested order of your script…
    1. A quick overview of your product/service and what it does
    2. Introduce the problem
    3. Provide your solution to the problem
    4. State your call to action (ex.  sign up for a free trial now!)
    5. Tell the audience why you should be trusted (client testimonials, awards, media, etc.)
  2. Voiceovers – You need a professional to read the script and you need them to be convincing, They need to stand out. Don’t skimp here!
  3. Video Production – You need a professional to create the your video if you want it to look professional and to convert prospects in to customers. Most professional explainer video companies are charging $2,000-$5000+ for video production.
  4. Music & Sound Effects – The best way to emphasis script highlights and add production quality to your video.:


  • Video increases viewer engagement with your brand. Video has a 42% click through rate
  • 83% of all viewers view video with on a mobile device
  • Increase your conversions (some studies show an improvement of 140+ percent improvement on conversion rates)
  • Improve your SEO search rankings (Hint: Google owns YouTube)
  • Keep viewers on your page 2 times longer than normal
  • Easily share videos on social media. 92% of mobile viewers share videos
  • Easily repurpose the video (use in newsletters, lead campaigns, email signatures, blog articles, etc.)
  • Embedded video content will increase website traffic
  • If done right, video adds a professional look that instantly establishes credibility

Videos tell your story like no other media


People are choosing video over traditional text to learn and gather information. They want high quality, info packed videos to explain complex solutions to their challenges. Those who educate their prospects best will close the sale. Internet Marketing when went from websites to websites with educational blogs. Then we spread the blogs to our social media. Later we learned to share the right blogs and content to the right person at the right time through email marketing lead generation.  Now video is a MUST for companies wishing to separate themselves from the pack with focused 60 and 90 videos that explain their solutions, services, and products.  

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Since 2006, Main Street Marketing has been creating Internet Presence Solutions for small businesses mainly in the Cincinnati – Northern Kentucky area. Main Street Marketing uses internet marketing, search engine optimization, social media, lead generation, and video to create a true Internet Presence for its clients. When integrated correctly, this core group of services provide results together that none of the services could provide on their own or in phases.
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