Ad Retargeting in Northern Kentucky - Retarget Advertisements To Gain More Customers

Main Street Marketing

Ad Retargeting

For Small Businesses Who Want to Supplement Their Organic SEO Efforts

Sending ads to those who visited a website (via code/pixel), physical area (via geo-fencing), or WiFi (via wifi marketing)!

Included With The Digital Marketing Package

What Is Retargeting?

WiFi Marketing With Retargeting?

Google Ads

Comprehensive Google Ads Management

Facebook Ads

A way for businesses to get in the feed!

Instagram Ads

Picture / Video, Brand Marketing

LinkedIn Ads

A way to advertise to CEOs and Executives



Anyone can setup an ad account and start using it but remember that it’s extremely easy to waste money with digital advertising. Just by us improving the structure of our client’s ad accounts and applying sound strategies, we improve performance, on average, by 60%. Well worth our fee to manage the ad spend. Our management of your ad spend will…

Increase Your Conversions
The reason you are advertising is to increase your sales/leads and we can help you do just that

Decrease Your Cost Per Click
We will review your current campaign and find ways for you to pay less per click

Increase Your Click Through Rate (CTR)
Low CTR’s are due to incorrect targeting, poorly written ads, and irrelevant ads

Increase Your Quality Score (QS)
We analyse your campaign to find why your QS is so low for certain keywords and have ways to increase them

Decrease Your Cost Per Conversion
One of our main goals is for you to pay less for each sale/lead over time