Conversations Hub

Make your customer conversations more efficient and effective with a single automation and AI-enabled inbox for phone, text, web, Google and Facebook.

Conversations Hub


Additional Support and Marketing Channel Integration* Included With The Digital Marketing Package and Internet Presence Package
*You will need to pay for your own Switchbird account

Switchbird is one platform to capture, route, and respond to calls, web-chats, social-chats, and texts from prospects and customers. An integrated conversations hub that allows sales and customer service staff to move conversations seamlessly to a texting platform, where direct relationships can be formed and nurtured. After you set up your Switchbird account and have them get you started, Main Street Marketing, will help you incorporate it into all of your marketing. We have a great relationship with Switchbird’s founder and staff. We also know how to help you get the most out of your Switchbird subscription and incorporate it into all your marketing channels. 

Build a Texting List

Capture text messaging opt-ins from calls and web-chat to build compliant contact lists

Lead Generation / Nurturing

Automatic lead generation via 1-to-1 text messaging and multiple contact campaigns

Own The Conversations

Texting is preferred by clients. Efficient for businesses. Not owned by Google or Facebook!



Missed-call text back

Drip sequences

Hours-based rules

Web widget

Multimedia messages

Calendar bookings



Automated funnels

FAQ bot

Shared inbox

Scheduled messages

Broadcast messaging

Appointment reminders

Making 2-way Messaging With Prospects and Customers Automatic, Manageable, and Effective!

Capture Contact Info From Every Call

Capture lead data and a texting opt-in from connected, missed, and after-hours calls.

Respond Faster To Prospects & Customers

Use templates to craft reusable messages that are consistent, personalized, and effective.

Funnel Web-chats & Social-chats to 1 Spot

Web-chat and social-chat funneled in to one spot and driven into a text conversations.

Send Personalized Mass Texts

Send test personalized campaigns to hyper-targeted customer segments.

Request and Collect Payments via Text

Upon payment, both parties are notified and the money flows into your bank account.

Qualify, Collect, and Request on Autopilot

Use scripts to qualify leads, collect surveys, request referrals, and more via text.

Spend Less Time On the Phone

Automatically engage callers in text conversations that can be shared with your team.

Shared Dashboard & Shared Data

1 dashboard for all activity lets management, sales, and service teams own their part.

Book Appointments with Auto-Reminders

Automatically send contacts calendar invites with reminders, eliminating no-shows.

Secure and Privacy-Minded

Encryption and other security features keep customer data safe (HIPAA-compliant).


Working 24/7/365
Powered by Scripts and Artificial Intelligence

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Healthcare Provider

Law Firm

Lead Bait

Chiropractic Services

Veterinary Services

Auto Services

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