Why Main Street Marketing is Different Than Most of It’s Competition…

A trailer doesn’t make you a landscaper… And a website or a couple customers doesn’t make you an internet marketer.

Almost All of Main Street Marketing’s Competition…

Charges By the Hour

  • Who’s that helpful for? Not the Business Owner!

Avoids Creating Content

  • It’s time consuming and expensive if you don’t do it right.

Specializes is Only One Aspect of Marketing

  • Everyone rows in different directions.
  • It costs more.
  • Too much data in silos.
  • Promotes the blame game.

Advises You How to Market Your Company and Then Goes Away

  • Until it’s time to teach again because no one was doing what was advised the first time.

Prefers Not To Work With Small Businesses

  • Entrepreneurs are tough customers.
  • Most small business owners are kings of their castle and aren’t used to getting criticism and direction.
  • Most small businesses are strapped financially.
  • The content a small business needs to produce can be boring to marketers. 

Don’t Run Successful/Sustainable Businesses

  • Most max out at 10-15 customers. More like a gig than a business.
  • Can’t invest in software or employees/contractors to grow.
  • Don’t have processes in place and aren’t scale-able.
  • Will be gone in a year or maybe two and you will have to start over and find somebody new. 

In House Marketing is Almost Always a Waste of Time and Money for Small Businesses

  • The people handling the marketing are not marketing professionals and it shows.
  • Part-time marketers have other more important duties and they gravitate to them. Being consistent is half of marketing.
  • It doesn’t make financial sense to hire a true marketing professional and pay for the monthly marketing software necessary to create a good internet presence, when they can outsource it and get better results for a fraction of the cost.

Main Street Marketing…

Charges a Fixed Rate

  • MSM charges a fixed monthly cost each month. $500/month in 2019.

Creates Content

  • Blogging… creating content… what Google requires from businesses to improve their search rankings organically.

Oversees Every Aspect of Marketing That a Small Business Needs

    • Unlimited website updates, hosting, maintenance, and support.
    • Search Engine Optimization and Content Creation
    • Social Media
    • Email Marketing
      • Enewsletters
      • Eblasts
      • Lead Generation emails
    • Online Review System
    • Analytics Dashboard
      • Keyword Page rankings
      • Google Analytics
      • Social Media
      • Email Marketing
      • GMB Analytics
      • Much More

Prefers Working with Small Businesses

  • Understands them. Is one of them. Has worked in a small business environment since 1986. Has managed or owned a small business since 1992.

Is a Successful and Sustainable Business

  • Internet marketing package with 40+ businesses. Expecting 55+ in 2020
    • Greater Cincy
    • Boston
    • Cleveland
    • Dayton
    • Indianapolis
    • Lexington
    • Washington DC
  • Ready to scale. I can afford the proper marketing agency software and have the right contractor network in place. It will be easier for me to go from 40 to 100 customers then it was going from 20 to 40 customers.

What I Need You to Say…

Everyone you talk to is going to say… “I already have someone to help me with that.”

I need you all to say… “That may be the case but they can’t help you the way MSM can at the price they charge. They have a whole system that other freelancers don’t have that keeps their price down without sacrificing any results.”

Try to get them to just have a conversation with me. No obligations! Explain that it is a good practice for them just to see how their other marketing company is doing. In most cases, once I meet a business owner, they end up doing business with me pretty quickly or over the next year.


For the ones in the group who have been here for a while, let’s have a 1-1 meeting and get right to it. Let’s go through our contacts and introduce each other to three people.  

For those I haven’t met with yet, I’ll be reaching out to you for a 1-1.

Every business needs online marketing so I should be an easy referral. Unfortunately, the amount of referrals I get from this group is extremely low compared to the people outside this group. Please let me know what I can do to get more referrals from you all. I will do it! YOU CAN’T HURT MY FEELINGS. 🙂