Text Marketing

Triggered Text Campaigns, Contests, and Surveys

Text Marketing 

Sending Messages With High Open and Conversion Rates

Starting at $100/month

Included with the…

  • Triggered Text Campaigns – We will automate triggered text campaigns when certain keywords are texted. This allows your lead generation marketing to work for you 24/7.
  • Monthly Text Tip – We will send a monthly text tip to all your text list contacts
  • Contests, Surveys, and Polls
  • Text Rates Not Included – Plans starting at $30/month for 500 credits (1 credit per text)

Why Text Marketing Is So Important

  • High Open Rate – At 98%, the average texts have an open rate that is more than five times that of the average email open rate of 17%.
  • High Conversion Rate – Text messages have an average response rate of 45%, compared with an average email response rate of just 8%.
  • Direct and Immediate Message Delivery – Most text messages are read within three minutes of delivery.


2-Way Messaging

Improve customer satisfaction, resolve conversations, and close deals with 2-way messaging.

Mass Texting

Easily send bulk texts or alerts to everyone on your contact list at the same time.


Create drip campaigns by automating one or more messages to be sent anytime after a sign-up.

Data Collection

Gather customer information the easy way—just ask your subscribers to text it to you.


Send smarter, more relevant text message campaigns with customer segmentation.

Link Tracking

Track who’s clicking your links and who isn’t, then adjust your messages accordingly.

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