Referral Partners Wanted

Main Street Marketing

You Find It. MSM Sells and Fulfills It. You Get Commissions.


It’s That Simple!

No Investment Needed. No Costs For You. No Quotas.

MSM is looking to have referral partners in each major metro area of the United States.

$100 per Week To Try...

After a quick interview, if we choose to move forward, we will pay you $100/week to search for business (and possibly attend 1 meeting a week). We reevaluate each month if we should continue the relationship. The money is yours, it’s not a draw. Most should be earning $600+/month after 3 months of searching. The $100/week payments are no longer sent after you pass $400/month in commissions.

What You Could Earn...

$1,200/month* after the first year

$2,400/month* the second year

$3,600/month* the third year

*Based on a conservative estimate of 1-2 sales per month. Some will earn less and some will earn more than these projections.  


Sell online marketing solutions

Focus on sales and let Main Street Marketing fulfill the marketing solutions

Ongoing monthly commissions for as long as Main Street Marketing keeps the customer

Make your own hours

Sell how you want to sell… there isn’t any fixed process

Skills Needed

Relationship sales skills

Basic computer skills

Organization skills

LinkedIn skills

A basic understanding of an average small business owner’s situation and limitations 

Sales Support

Sales Sheets

Social Media Posts / Blogs

Lead Generation Campaigns

Monthly Enewsletter and Eblasts

MSM Email Address 

Added to MSM Website As a Salesperson

* Pick and Choose From the Above List 

Seriously Outrageous Commissions!

Why Such Great Commissions?
Frankly, we don’t want the hassle of dealing with an internal sales team.
It’s worth it for us to give away more of the profit to use referral partners instead.

Contact us (859-904-8035) today to learn more about the opportunity and the commissions!

What Client's Are Saying...