The most effective marketing and viewed content on the internet right now is videos. Video marketing will get your business the most return on investment, as well as generate the most leads. Videos are quick and engaging, and are appealing to your audience. The most successful way to market your small business is through a video marketing funnel. A marketing funnel is a progression of videos that lead your viewers through stages of your sales or marketing funnel.

What Is A Video Funnel?

There should be four stages in your funnel: awareness, consideration, decision, and action. These stages lead your viewers through “the funnel” towards taking action to do business with you. Your video series will peak their interest, explain your products or services, help your audience with the decision to use your business, and ask them to take action. As the viewers get the content from each video, they become closer to being your customer.

Path To Creating Effective Funnels

What is the goal of the video funnel? For example, set a goal to “increase more legitimate leads for my services.” Whatever your business is seeking to do through the marketing videos should be identified as your goal. Once you know the goal that you need to know what your audience wants to know. What struggles are they facing or what interests do they have? You can collect this information through sample surveys, market analytics, interviews, and taking a peek at what the competition is doing. Then you need to create the videos.

Stages of a Video Funnel…

  • The Awareness Stage – This video should peak your viewer’s interest by showing how-to videos, educational videos, a company story, or showing them what your services and products can do for them. This video should be the most engaging and visually attractive.
  • The Consideration Stage – This is the video where you convince your audience to choose you over your competitors. Continue to show your products or services meeting the needs of your audience, and explaining your business.
  • The Decision Stage – This video is aimed at customers who feel ready to schedule services or make a purchase. You are convincing them to make their decision! Address any hesitations they may have, and provide testimonials and success stories about your business.
  • The Action Stage – This video is for customers who have made their purchase or scheduled a service. You want to keep them invested and engaged in their decision to use your company. Tutorials of your products, how-tos, FAQs, and what-to-expect videos are great action stage videos.

Promoting Your Funnel

Lastly, and most importantly, don’t forget to promote your videos! Simply posting it on social media is not enough! SEO optimization is crucial for success on search engines, Youtube, and other video platforms. To improve your video SEO, you need to create a transcript for your videos, add sitemaps, metadata, and optimize your thumbnail images. Adding keywords in the titles and descriptions are also essential. Running promotions and email campaigns specifically for each stage of your video funnel will help ensure your audience is reached and boost video viewings. Publish your videos on your website and on your social media as well.

Main Street Marketing Can Help You With Affordable Video Production Services

75% of executives watch work related videos at least once a week! This statistic tells most small business owners all they need to know about video. Create a video or video series and you can engage with busy executives who are specifically looking for solutions to their problems. Executives aren’t going to surrender an hour to hear your presentation but they’ll give you 60 seconds or less to try to catch their attention. This 60 seconds could get you a meeting or close them right there and then!
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