How Brick & Mortar Marketing Works...


STEP 1 – Anonymous Customers Leave Their Presence Analytic Data

Brick & Mortar Marketing begins collecting anonymous data about your customers and prospects without the need for them to login to your WiFi or loyalty program. Every cell phone emits a wireless signal allowing the system to recognize a person’s unique cell phone device ID through our WiFi access points and sensors. This allows us to measure anonymous customer behavior at your physical location, such as dwell time, first time visitor return rate, and other valuable presence analytics.

STEP 2 – Social WiFi Marketing / Mobile Wallet Loyalty Allows You to Communicate With Your Customers

Anonymous guests become known when they log into your guest WiFi or Mobile Wallet Loyalty Program. They log in because they want access to your bandwidth or because logging in will allow them to receive deals and offers they couldn’t receive without doing so. Signage at your business promotes guests to sign in so they can receive information and offers from you.Those who login will see a WiFi landing page that promote your products, services, and events.  

STEP 3 – Ongoing Customer Analytics and Communications 

Once your customers opt in to the Social WiFi or Mobile Wallet Loyalty platform, the system begins building detailed customer profiles in real time and communicates with them based on their specific behavior. If they haven’t been back for for 2-3 months… maybe we have a message sent out to entice them to come back. If they have been to your place multiple times, maybe we send them a reward or some other kind of offer. We can also send manual messages and push notifications. We can also send automatic push notifications based on their geolocation, called geo-fencing.