Getting your social media strategy in order matters to the future growth of your business. Social media is the first tool for marketing that allows you to create close, credible, and interactive relationships with your prospects and customers. These conversations are mission critical to your business. These social conversations are the way that most people make their buying decisions these days. You need to get these conversations right! Companies who thrive these days are transparent and will be able to handle open and viewable criticism and react quickly. Those who can react the quickest win! This doesn’t make stodgy guys in three piece suits happy but it’s the truth. Business has changed. You can no longer call just call in a PR team when you have a crisis. You need to be working to prevent the crisis, listening to your customers and interacting with them.

Don’t Try To “Sell” On Social Media

Are you still trying to sell stuff using social media? If so, STOP now! The world has changed. Quit selling and start providing value. Quit telling and start listening. Too many businesses are still pushing self-serving messages at their prospects and customers and they are listening to none of it and will simply walk away. Think long term and not short term. It’s all about accruing trust and providing value. If that is done… the sales will come.

What You Need to Build Social Media Connections

  1. Relevant and useful content
  2. Lively conversation
  3. Meaningful offers and recognition
  4. Integration with all other marketing channels

Relevant and Useful Content

It’s the quality of the content that drives attention, fan base growth, and the level of conversation. AGAIN and for always (say it with me now!)…Content is KING! To get relevant content you better know what your target market is passionate about. If you miss here…it’s over until you figure that out.

The best kinds of content for social media interest are…

  1. Video
  2. Blog posts
  3. Announcements
  4. Links to other relevant content
  5. Pictures

Lively Conversations

The following are the best practices to keep good conversations…

  1. Ask Questions – People want to tell you what’s on their mind. You have to trust your yourself and your company enough to ask.
  2. Use Everyday Language – Stay away from corporate-speak and jargon.
  3. Be Responsive – Nothing is much worse than an unanswered question or an unappreciated comment.
  4. Make Lateral Conversation Possible – Enable your prospects and customers to talk to one another.

Meaningful Offers and Recognition

Reward your best prospects and customers with…

  1. Exclusive offers and values not received anywhere else.
  2. Recognition

Integration with All Other Marketing Channels

Social Media is a tool in your tool box. You need a lot of tools to market your business effectively. You need a website, email marketing, marketing collateral, email marketing, consistent online reviews and more just to name a few. Make sure you integrate social media with all of your other marketing activities.

Our Internet Presence Package is a Combination of Marketing Strategies that will help your company to teach and communicate better with its prospects and customers.

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