Main Street Marketing

What’s the Process for Creating an Animated Explainer Video?

Discovery – Gathering marketing goals, product/service info, contact information, logos, etc. Scriptwriting – A script is created based on what we learned in the discovery phase. We won’t move on until the script is approved. Storyboarding – With script in hand, we will create a storyboard. We won’t move on until the storyboard is approved. Animation/Voiceovers/Graphics […]

Are all the images you use created from scratch?

We DO NOT use stock photos or clipart. We create original custom artwork only. We provide 100% hand-drawn drawings/illustrations, original artwork just for you. We’ve heard some scary stories from a few clients that have worked with some other companies who offer lower or similar cost videos as us and they end up with unusable videos due […]

Why is your video pricing so low compared to other video companies?

We love keeping our costs low and affordable for everyone because 1) We’re NOT greedy – we count on repeat business! 2) We offer more than just videos – if you are happy with our videos, we hope you’ll give us a chance helping you with your online marketing. Note: There are a lot of video producers offering […]