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Internet Presence

Retail business owners need to get the fundamentals of online marketing right. They need to be able to be found online when people search for what they have to offer. They need to get their messaging in front of prospects and customers on social media where it can start 2 way conversations, be liked, and shared. They need to use email marketing to gain awareness. They need their online marketing to create a strong enough relationship with their prospects to have them ultimately visit their store. Once the relationship is there, the sales will follow.

Wi-Fi Marketing, Loyalty, Geo-Fencing, and More

When retail businesses combine the power of the Internet Presence Package with the Brick & Mortar Package, it’s a powerful one-two punch! The Brick & Mortar Marketing Package is a combination of easy contact information collection, a loyalty program, an online review system, and more. It helps retail businesses to easily collect customer contact information through Free Guest Wi-Fi. Once customers are in the system, businesses can send automated messages to them based on their behavior. It also helps keep customers aware of upcoming promotions / events and promotes more interaction on business social media pages. The integrated loyalty program keeps customers coming back more often and spending more. The loyalty program can also automatically send push notifications to a customer’s mobile phone based on their geolocation. Loyalty punch cards are kept digitally in a customer’s mobile phone where they will never be lost and easily accessible. An integrated online reviews system will get more and better online reviews for your company on 3rd party sites like Google and Facebook.


A Combination of Marketing Strategies that Make Your Phone Ring and Inbox Fill


Search Engine Optimized Mobile Responsive Website

We will create a search engine optimized website that will look great on both desktop computers and mobile devices. A website that plays well with Google search rankings and other social media. Unlimited website updates will be included.

Transparent Analytics

We will prove success through website, keyword, and email analytics.

SEO Optimized Featured Work Blog Posts

We will create featured work posts to prove that your company can provide the results potential customers desire.

SEO Optimized Educational Blog Posts

We will create search engine optimized educational posts that answer the questions your potential customers are asking.

All Posts Pushed to Social Media

We will push all posts to relevant social media sites with a picture, a teaser, and a link back to a website that will convert visitors into customers.

Create / Manage Social Sites

We will create optimized social media profiles and company pages that attract connections.

Repurposed Blog Posts to Social Media

We will repurpose relevant blogs from your library to social media to increase their viewership.

Monthly Enewsletter

We will send a monthly enewsletter to all your contacts sharing your latest posts.

Unlimited Eblasts

We will send eblasts to segmented groups of your contact list as a need or opportunity arises.

Automated Email Campaigns

We will automate lead generation email campaigns based on what information your prospects and customers request from your website. You will be able to manually add offline leads to these campaigns also.

Comprehensive Online Reviews System

We will implement a proven online reviews system which will provide social proof to your potential customers and improve your search engine rankings.

Add-on Options

The internet presence package provides a necessary first step to online marketing for all small businesses. For companies who can afford it, the natural next step is to add a selection of the following…


Options: Your Video Edited For You  -or-  Video Done For You  -or-  Animated Video.  Learn More

Search/Social Media Advertising

Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Retargeting, and More!  Learn More

Advanced SEO

14 Hours of SEO work per month, Citations, NAP, Schema, and more!  Learn More

Mobile App

Websites are more about awareness and generating leads, where mobile apps focus on customer engagement, loyalty, and conversion.  Learn More


Marketing Strategies That Keep Customers Coming Back To Brick & Mortar Locations



Turn Free Wi-Fi into an automated lead generating machine!

Grow Social Media Connections and Engagement

Know Your Customers Through Guest WiFi Analytics


Reward loyal customers directly to their mobile wallets

Screen notifications sent when customers enter predefined locations

Communicate to customers using geo-fencing technology


Online reviews prove you are as good as you say you are!

An easy way to ask and remind customers to review your business

Consistent online reviews help SEO and website conversions


A search engine optimized mobile responsive website

Unlimited website updates to keep your site fresh year ’round

Dedicated and secure (SSL) hosting, support, maintenance, and more!

Reward Your Best Customers

Automatically send rewards to your best customers

Build Customer Relationships

Send campaigns to first-timers to encourage more visits

Rescue At-Risk Customers

Automatically send offers to customers who stop visiting

Offer Loyalty Programs

Customers who use mobile wallet loyalty get rewarded


Survey Customers

Automatically send surveys based on behavior

Get More Reviews

Automatically send review request campaigns

Promote Your Events

Promote events on WiFi Landing pages

Social Media

Increase likes, shares, and social media follows