Animated Explainer Video FAQs

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Animated Explainer Video FAQs

We love keeping our costs low and affordable for everyone because 1) We’re NOT greedy – we count on repeat business! 2) We offer more than just videos – if you are happy with our videos, we hope you’ll give us a chance helping you with your online marketing. Note: There are a lot of video producers offering videos at a price that seems “too good to be true” and in almost all cases, it is! Pricing starts off low and the the “gotcha” add-ons start rearing their ugly heads! And at those very low prices you could end up with “amatuer hour” videos because someone thought “how hard can it really be to make these things, right?”  Bottomline… we all need to be make a profit and we’ve decided not to make a huge one but it does cost money to get creative people to produce great videos!

We DO NOT use stock photos or clipart. We create original custom artwork only. We provide 100% hand-drawn drawings/illustrations, original artwork just for you. We’ve heard some scary stories from a few clients that have worked with some other companies who offer lower or similar cost videos as us and they end up with unusable videos due to the fact that they were using ready-made images from clipart and Google images.

Yes there is DYI software available but 99% of their images are being used by thousands of other companies. There is no way you can put exactly what you want into your video without custom work, like ours. Also getting good at using the software will require a massive amount of time, effort and creativity. Do your really have the time and will you be better than us who do this everyday? You’re better off hiring a professional.

Assuming timely approval/feedback from you, our standard delivery time for the entire video is 2-3 weeks.

You pay 75% when we start work and the remaining balance when you’re fully satisfied with our work.

After you pay your deposit we will send you a creative brief form to fill out.  We will need you to send us your logo in the highest resolution available (a vector file, if available). That’s it!

  1. Discovery – Gathering marketing goals, product/service info, contact information, logos, etc.
  2. Scriptwriting – A script is created based on what we learned in the discovery phase. We won’t move on until the script is approved.
  3. Storyboarding – With script in hand, we will create a storyboard. We won’t move on until the storyboard is approved.
  4. Animation/Voiceovers/Graphics – With storyboard in hand, we animate your video and drop in the voiceovers. In a couple cycles, we will work out any minor changes you need to your video before delivering it to you.
  5. Delivery – We will deliver your video file and help you understand how to upload or embed your video to your website and social media pages.
  • 60 seconds video = 150-170 words
  • 90 seconds video = 225-255 words
  • 2 minute video = 300-340 words
  • 2.5 minute video = 375-425 words
  • 3 minute video = 450 to 510 words

We offer unlimited revisions (within reason) on the video script, storyboard and sketches. We won’t stop until you’re fully satisfied with the video script and/or illustrations. We won’t begin animation until you tell us you love it! We also don’t limit the detail of your drawings.

We contract with different voice artists for different projects. We can provide you with voice samples from several artists so you can select your favorite.

Even though we provide revisions on script writing and illustrations, when it comes to the voice-over things are little different. Once you choose a voice over talent for your video and we get it recorded, unfortunately we can’t go back and record it again without charging an additional fee. We don’t offer multiple reads on the voice-over because most of the time the first reading comes out great. This allows us to keep our cost for it affordable for our customers. If there was a mistake in it or a mispronunciation then we take care of it at no charge, but if it’s something subjective we do need add a fee.

We offer unlimited revisions (within reason) during storyboard/illustration phase. Once the artwork/illustrations are approved and after the video is produced, any changes to illustrations may be subject to extra fees. While it does take a lot of time to create the illustrations, it takes even more time to prepare them for production for the video.

What you can change…
You can however request any timing changes for the animation to have it come in or out at different times. You can also request changes for sound effects and music volume. We will do 2 rounds of these requested changes at no charge. After 2 rounds, if you require more changes, it may be subject to a charge.

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