Video Marketing Package

Cameraman at workUsing Videos To Generate Leads
Starting at $500/month*
 w/ Internet Presence Package
$1,500 for one 60-90 second video
* Based on a 6 month agreement 

Video Marketing Includes…

  • Video Production
    • One videographer for a 3 hour video shoot each month
    • Script Creation
    • Videos can be edited into whatever increment is wanted
    • Sound, graphics, and music included
  • Lead Generation – Direct viewers to your sign-up page, more videos, or other parts of your website with calls to action
  • Search Engine Optimization – Your videos will help draw search results to your pages, not YouTube
  • Video Control – Control where videos can be played and what they look like on search and social media
  • Analyze Results – Know which videos are being watched and how viewers are interacting with them.
  • Wistia Subscription (optional) – Starting at $25/month for 25 videos, $50/month for 50 videos, and $100/month for 500 videos

Why We’re Different

Most video production companies produce your video, hand it over to you, and then quickly move on to their next client. They don’t help you market the video, so a lot of companies just put the video on their website or upload it to Youtube and hope for the best! It’s a huge waste of time and money because that video isn’t going to create leads on it’s own. Videos need a strategy and a system to be able to create leads. Main Street Marketing has the strategy and the video marketing system in place to convert prospects into customers. We create strategy, produce videos, optimize them for search, create the right calls to action, collect customer information, and use marketing automation to create leads.

Wistia vs. YouTube

For those truly serious about generating leads through video, the wistia platform is a much better alternative to posting videos on Facebook or YouTube. If large scale branding is your thing or video monetization or you can’t afford a Wistia subscription then YouTube and Facebook could be your option. If you want to control where and how your videos are shown… if you want have add free videos… if you want to collect contact information and analytics on your videos… then you’ll want a solution like Wistia.
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