Tips to Help Your Company Teach and Communicate Better With Its Prospects and Customers

communicationDoes your company do a great job of explaining what it does or what problems it solves?

If your company is like most companies, the answer is a resounding NO! or the truth is that you could do a better job. Explaining what it is that you do is the essence of what marketing is and should be. The best marketing is about great teaching and communication.

So How Can My Company Teach and Communicate Better?

The answer is through the use of blogging on your website, sharing those blogs through social media and enewsletters, and knowing which content to share with a prospect depending about what stage of the sales cycle they are currently in.

Creating Blogs

Find content that you read and add a couple insights to it from your perspective. Share a “case study” blog where you lay out the problem the customer had, what your solution was, and the results. Best backed up with pictures, video, quotes, and testimonials. These are just a few suggestions on blogs to create. There are dozens.

Sharing Blogs On Social Media

Have a blog on your website because you control your website. It’s great to tease the blogs on Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, and Twitter and then link them back to your website where you can convert them into a customer.

Sharing Blogs on Enewsletters 

Repurpose the blogs you write on a monthly basis in to your enewsletter and send that to everyone on your list. Again, tease them in the enewsletter with a link to the blogs on your website.

Lead Generation Campaigns… Providing the Right Content to the Right Prospect at the Right Time

This process is better known as assignment selling and it’s the essential sales technique of the information age!

  1. Layout your sales process
  2. Assign a certain prospect action with each step
  3. Then use lead gen campaigns to evaluate and move prospects through your sales funnel quicker.

Example: First send a lead generation email to people who request a quote or a consultation. In the lead gen email, send the prospect blogs that they should read. Call it their homework so they have some responsibility in the process. This will stop you from wasting you time running around to sales calls where the prospects are uninformed. More informed prospects are going to be able to be sold. If they aren’t informed, guess whos going to inform them at the sales call?  You got it….YOU! Answer their questions before you meet by sending them blogs about frequently asked questions. Put the relevant questions into a Intro Lead Gen Campaign and your sales team can do more selling and less educating.

Let your blog, social media, enewsletter, and lead generation campaigns educate your prospects before you ever have to meet them!

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