The Future of Blogging, Websites, Multimedia Posts, and Google+ Reviews

problems solvedBusinesses Gravitate to Owned Digital Assets Like Websites and Blogs Instead of Social Media

As social media because more noisy, frustrating, and expensive, businesses will start concentrating on their owned digital assets more.  Businesses don’t own their space on social media channels and some have found this out the hard way as organic access to the feeds slowing disappears. The website and the blog become the library for a company’s owned content and distribution of that content will more and more be driven by email and niche social media channels and groups/communities inside the larger social media channels.

Multimedia Explosion Coming to Content Marketing

People like what they like. Some like written blogs, some like video, some like podcasts, some like infographics. The perfect storm would be for a business to produce a podcast talking to a thought leader about a certain topic. That podcast could be transcribed and posted verbatim or the podcast could be used as the source for a new blog about the topic. You could video yourself talking briefly about what you learned from the podcast after it was done . You could create an infographic about what was learned. These pieces can be used together or individually to leverage the best results for certain types of social media. Infographics for Pinterest and video Facebook, Google+ or Slideshare depending on the audience. Share it all together in one post are in pieces to get through the a noisy feed at different times with the goal to lead them to your website that contains the “hero” post that contains all of it. After getting through the noisy feed and reaching your prospect, you will want to get them to your website to share some kind of information so they can be put in the lead funnel. Now is the time for customer relationship management and lead generation campaigns to gauge the prospects interest. The reemergence of the email list!

Google+ Reviews Become Super Important to Local SEO

Once a business has five reviews on Google+ their stars will be shown in search results. Stars are considered social proof so the thought is more stars equals more trust equals higher rankings.  Google+ is much more than a Facebook competitor, it is a social layer that ties all Google products together to make the social experience easier on the user and more productive SEO-wise for the business owner/marketer.

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