Tips for Using Video In Your Website, Social Media, and Email Marketing to Generate, Nurture, and Close Leads

Video marketing works best when you show the right video to the right person at the right time. To do this you need to know when a lead is kicking the tires and when they are interested. You have to develop strategy that lays out when you should send specific leads specific videos to get them closer … [Read more...]

Small Business Lead Generation – How to Attract the Right Online Leads and Convert Them Into Customers and Advocates

Companies and people buy different today! An average decision maker does most of their buying research online long before making contact. For companies to be contacted, they had better have a good online strategy to produce and deliver the content that decision makers want during the research phase. … [Read more...]

Seven Things Your Company Can Do To Ensure A Successful Content Marketing Strategy

Successful Content Marketing Needs...  Leadership Buy-In - Leadership must want to be premier thought-leaders in their industry. Leadership That Takes the Time to Get Staff Buy-In - Leadership will need to explain to staff why content marketing is essential.  They will let the … [Read more...]

Getting Leads from Your Small Business Website: The 5 Key Pieces of the Internet Marketing Puzzle

Content - Content is King. Nothing works online without it. Websites, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, and Email marketing will have no effect without it. Prospects and customers are scouring the internet looking for ways to improve their businesses and content is the way to get them … [Read more...]

Bad Websites and Poor Social Media Efforts are Silent Killers for Small Businesses

We tell our customers that networking, a business card, and internet marketing should be their top priorities to grow their businesses and that all other forms of marketing are luxuries. Luxuries that can produce results, but luxuries none the less. After you meet a prospect at a networking event, … [Read more...]

Content Marketing Is The Best Way to Generate Leads From Your Website. PERIOD.

I recently had a prospect tell me, "Oh, we tried blogging and it didn't work."  What he should have told me is "We threw up a bunch of stuff on our website that our customer's weren't interested in and it didn't move the needle any." 3 Ways Your Content Marketing Efforts Can Fail Your posts … [Read more...]

Integrated Content Marketing: Blogging + Social Media + Lead Bait + Email Marketing = More Business

How to Create a Powerful Integrated Content Marketing Program Create a Content Editorial Calendar -  Surround your visitors with the same message in different content types at generally the same time.  Ex. This week focus on Service XYZ with a blog, a low budget screen share video of a slide … [Read more...]

In Social Media..Your Employees Are Your Most Important Asset

Many companies focus all of their marketing energy on developing advocates outside of their company and forget to develop the social media presence of their employees. This is a big mistake for companies since their employees know as much about their products or services as anyone, and the strongest … [Read more...]

The Future of SEO is SOCIAL!

The Future of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is looking like it's going to be a hybrid of SEO and Search. Watch the video below and see why "Like" maybe the new "Link".  If you have been watching the news, Microsoft's Bing Search Engine and Facebook are teaming up for a new way to search that … [Read more...]

LinkedIn Tips For Better Lead Generation

Increase Your Visibility and Connectability One account only. Don’t confuse those looking for you. Make sure your profile is filled out completely. You never know what will prompt someone to make contact or what they will be using for search terms.Connect to everyone you “know.” A rule of … [Read more...]