Tips for Using Video In Your Website, Social Media, and Email Marketing to Generate, Nurture, and Close Leads

Video marketing works best when you show the right video to the right person at the right time. To do this you need to know when a lead is kicking the tires and when they are interested. You have to develop strategy that lays out when you should send specific leads specific videos to get them closer … [Read more...]

Small Business Lead Generation – How to Attract the Right Online Leads and Convert Them Into Customers and Advocates

Companies and people buy different today! An average decision maker does most of their buying research online long before making contact. For companies to be contacted, they had better have a good online strategy to produce and deliver the content that decision makers want during the research phase. … [Read more...]

Getting Leads from Your Small Business Website: The 5 Key Pieces of the Internet Marketing Puzzle

Content - Content is King. Nothing works online without it. Websites, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, and Email marketing will have no effect without it. Prospects and customers are scouring the internet looking for ways to improve their businesses and content is the way to get them … [Read more...]

Lead Generation Tips: Segmenting and Nurturing Your Leads To Increase Sales

Are you reaching the right people with the right message at the right time? To do this you'll need a customer relationship management system and customized sales tactics based on each of the buying stages of your clients. You'll also need to figure out how your clients best discover, learn, and … [Read more...]

Marketing and Sales Automation: What It Is and Why Your Company Needs It!

Facts About How Prospects Are Making Buying Decisions 25% of your buyers are now educating themselves online and calling the sales representative to place an order (Sirius ‐2012) Your typical buyer consumes 12 pieces of content prior to purchase (Forrester ‐2011) 80% of leads … [Read more...]

5 Steps To Successful Lead Generation Through Customer Relationship Management and Sales Automation

Sales leads are unqualified sales opportunities gathered through various marketing activities such as email marketing, social media, webinars  trade shows, and advertisements, etc. Every sales lead can be potential revenue for you or your company. Since leads are basically cash in your pocket, you … [Read more...]

Integrated Content Marketing: Blogging + Social Media + Lead Bait + Email Marketing = More Business

How to Create a Powerful Integrated Content Marketing Program Create a Content Editorial Calendar -  Surround your visitors with the same message in different content types at generally the same time.  Ex. This week focus on Service XYZ with a blog, a low budget screen share video of a slide … [Read more...]

What You Need To Get Right On Your Website To Generate Leads

You need to develop online offers - Something of value.  Not a free consultation.  We are trying to get as many people in the sales funnel as possible.  We want a soft yes.  A free consultation (A.K.A. sales call) is a hard yes.  What can you offer that will educate your … [Read more...]