The Future of Blogging, Websites, Multimedia Posts, and Google+ Reviews

Businesses Gravitate to Owned Digital Assets Like Websites and Blogs Instead of Social Media As social media because more noisy, frustrating, and expensive, businesses will start concentrating on their owned digital assets more.  Businesses don't own their space on social media channels and … [Read more...]

Tips to Help Your Company Teach and Communicate Better With Its Prospects and Customers

Does your company do a great job of explaining what it does or what problems it solves? If your company is like most companies, the answer is a resounding NO! or the truth is that you could do a better job. Explaining what it is that you do is the essence of what marketing is and should be. The … [Read more...]

Seven Things Your Company Can Do To Ensure A Successful Content Marketing Strategy

Successful Content Marketing Needs...  Leadership Buy-In - Leadership must want to be premier thought-leaders in their industry. Leadership That Takes the Time to Get Staff Buy-In - Leadership will need to explain to staff why content marketing is essential.  They will let the … [Read more...]

Marketing and Sales Automation: What It Is and Why Your Company Needs It!

Facts About How Prospects Are Making Buying Decisions 25% of your buyers are now educating themselves online and calling the sales representative to place an order (Sirius ‐2012) Your typical buyer consumes 12 pieces of content prior to purchase (Forrester ‐2011) 80% of leads … [Read more...]

Content Marketing Is The Best Way to Generate Leads From Your Website. PERIOD.

I recently had a prospect tell me, "Oh, we tried blogging and it didn't work."  What he should have told me is "We threw up a bunch of stuff on our website that our customer's weren't interested in and it didn't move the needle any." 3 Ways Your Content Marketing Efforts Can Fail Your posts … [Read more...]

Content Is King…And It Makes Your Prospects Sales READY!

This guy is maybe a little too excited about content marketing but what he is doing is exactly what you should let Main Street Marketing help you create for your business. Content can extend your reach by pulling in prospects through search engine optimization and then make your prospects more … [Read more...]

Content Marketing = Trusted Relationships = Customers

In the following video C.C. Chapman, co-author of Content Rules. explains why content marketing is important for businesses and the role it plays in building trusted relationships. Content Marketing is a pillar of our Internet Presence Package at Main Street Marketing. Contact us today if … [Read more...]

Should You Start a Blog?

Web-logs (or “blogs) are unique communication vehicles for your business, particularly for branding, relationship marketing and traffic building. You're an expert at what you do and there is no better way than a blog to show it.The Benefits of a creating and maintaining a blog:Increased traffic to … [Read more...]

Now that you have a Blog, how are you going to get people to read it? LINK BUILDING is your Answer.

When developing a successful link-building strategy you need to be social. Use the same behavior online that would be successful offline at a business networking event or at a social mixer. Find out who is in the room (blogosphere), introduce yourself, and participate in the conversation by helping … [Read more...]