The Future of Blogging, Websites, Multimedia Posts, and Google+ Reviews

Businesses Gravitate to Owned Digital Assets Like Websites and Blogs Instead of Social Media As social media because more noisy, frustrating, and expensive, businesses will start concentrating on their owned digital assets more.  Businesses don't own their space on social media channels and … [Read more...]

Should You Start a Blog?

Web-logs (or “blogs) are unique communication vehicles for your business, particularly for branding, relationship marketing and traffic building. You're an expert at what you do and there is no better way than a blog to show it.The Benefits of a creating and maintaining a blog:Increased traffic to … [Read more...]

Now that you have a Blog, how are you going to get people to read it? LINK BUILDING is your Answer.

When developing a successful link-building strategy you need to be social. Use the same behavior online that would be successful offline at a business networking event or at a social mixer. Find out who is in the room (blogosphere), introduce yourself, and participate in the conversation by helping … [Read more...]