Podcasting / Audio Content

podcastAccessible Content With Personality
$100 Setup + $50/month*
Included with the Internet Presence Package

* A subscription to Spreaker starting at $4.99/month is needed


  • Create / Optimize Spreaker Account
  • Integrate with Website
  • Integrate with Social Media
  • Training
  • SEO and Tagging
  • Before and After Music
  • Graphics

What’s a Podcast?

There is a lot of written posts on the internet which make competing for an audience very tough. Audio content makes it easier for your audience to absorb your message because your voice combined with the words gives the listener more information than text can. Podcasts also give your listeners a dose of your personality along the way. Audio content builds a relationship of trust and loyalty in your audience in a way that written content just can’t. There are many benefits to podcasting…

Podcasts Add a Personal Quality to Information

From your mouth to the listeners ears. It doesn’t get much better than that when you have a potential audience of the entire world!

Podcasts are convenient and easy to consume

Once you subscribe to a podcast they are automatically sent to your listeners devices.  You can also embed the podcasts into posts, web pages, or emails.

Podcasts are cost effective to produce

No postage, printing, no paper, no travel,  They are also very inexpensive to archive and repurpose.

Podcasting are time-efficient for the listener

You can listen on your own schedule. Listen while driving in your car or shopping for groceries. They save time and improving productivity.

Podcasts are portable

Podcasts can be taken with you and use and shared on multiple portable devices.

Podcasts are an on-demand technology

Listeners decide when, where, and what they want to hear.

What the Big Boys are Saying…

Fast Company says… “Podcasting is the new networking

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