Lead Generation for Small Businesses: How to Use Email Marketing Automation to Generate Leads

workflowAutomated emails deliver information to your customers right when they need it using their actions as a basis for what to send. These actions are laid out in workflows that operate on conditional logic: If A happens, then B will happen. This means that when you’re setting up your workflow, you’re creating specific conditions for emails to send. The workflows use triggers to send an email or a series of emails to specific subscribers on a list. A trigger can be an open or click in one of your campaigns, a subscription to your mailing list, or some other type of action. Triggers can be activity based or date based. 

Some Ways to Use Email Marketing Automation

  • When a subscriber signs up for your list – Welcome new subscribers with a series of emails that help them understand your company and it’s products or services better.
  • When you have a series of emails for a specific situation – Maybe you have an online course, that needs to be sent out on a regular basis over a period of time. You could break that information into a series of steps that can be sent over days, weeks, or months.
  • When you need to send out date driven emails – You may want to send out a series of emails annually or quarterly or on the anniversary they became your customer, etc.
  • When you want to follow up on website activity –  When a subscriber navigates to a specific link on your site from a newsletter you can automatically send them follow-up information on that topic.
  • When you want to thank your best customers – Send your best  customers a simple thank you, invite them to a special event, or offer them a discount.
  • Follow up after a purchase – Send additional product recommendations or product care tips based on what your customers have purchased.
  • When you need feedback – Send a survey to make your customers feel valued and get important feedback about their experiences on your site and with your company.

Watch This Video About Setting Up Workflows

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