Custom Website

The Hub of All Your Online Marketing Activity
Included with the Internet Presence Package
– or –
Starting at $1,500 Setup

+ $25/month for Hosting, Support, & Maintenance
– or –
+ $100/month for Unlimited Updates, Hosting, Support, & Maintenance

A website is a fundamental cost of doing business these days. Without a website, potential customers will question your company’s validity. Without branded email addresses, your company will seem backward and technology adverse. The first thing a potential customer will do after they meet you is check you out online. They will go to your website and social media to do research. Then they will ask around about you. If they go to do their research and you or your company is nowhere to be found, in most cases you will not be in the running for their business. Let us fill this first initial void in your marketing, then later on you can develop a full internet presence. We suggest you have a logo before creating your website. If you purchase a logo from us at the same time you purchase a website, we’ll pass on a 20% savings on the logo.

A Custom Website Includes…

We design websites that are attractive, functional, and user-friendly. Our websites are built on the WordPress Platform and we make sure that your website is the hub of all your marketing activity.

Main Street Marketing’s hosting partner has 1,000+ hosting accounts, allowing our customers to receive priority support if anything goes wrong. Also, WordPress sites require software updates to be made almost weekly to keep everything working and in good order and that’s included. Daily backups and hacking recovery are included also.

Websites are hosted through Main Street Marketing’s strategic hosting partner. Hosting includes unlimited disc space and bandwidth.

Your website traffic information will be available through Google Analytics so you can see how visitors are interacting with your website.

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