As Facebook Becomes Pay to Play; Google+, Linkedin, Blogging, & Email Marketing Become More Important to Small Businesses

Facebook pay to play

If you haven't heard, Facebook wants to “redefine” their relationship with small businesses. That means "get ready to open your wallet" if you want Facebook users to see your business updates in their news feeds. Facebook offers “promoted posts” which let businesses pay anywhere from $5 to several … [Read more...]

Blogging Vs. Paid Search Advertising or Adwords for Small Businesses

blog tips

You must rate your marketing activities by return on investment to figure where to put your time and money to best use. If you spend $2,000 on adwords and their management each month, the average spend for small businesses who see decent results, and it brings in $4,000 in month then it's easy to … [Read more...]

Four Reasons Your Website is Failing to Produce Leads


Most small businesses we talk to just don't have websites that convert. Some of them are pretty but pretty doesn't pay the bills. Website leads all start with traffic because you have to have the traffic to convert the prospects into leads. Reasons Websites Fail to Produce Traffic.. Lack of … [Read more...]

Seven Things Your Company Can Do To Ensure A Successful Content Marketing Strategy

content marketing strategy

Successful Content Marketing Needs...  Leadership Buy-In - Leadership must want to be premier thought-leaders in their industry. Leadership That Takes the Time to Get Staff Buy-In - Leadership will need to explain to staff why content marketing is essential.  They will let the staff know that … [Read more...]

Getting Leads from Your Small Business Website: The 5 Key Pieces of the Internet Marketing Puzzle

Internet Presence

Content - Content is King. Nothing works online without it. Websites, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, and Email marketing will have no effect without it. Prospects and customers are scouring the internet looking for ways to improve their businesses and content is the way to get them … [Read more...]

Social Media, Internet Marketing, and Explainer Videos Create Magic Together!

Video Image

Explainer videos are short online videos that explain your company’s product or service. These videos explain, in about a 1 minute, what the major benefit of your product or service is. Basically focusing on the "what's in it for them" part of your normal drawn out sales presentation. It catches … [Read more...]

Tips to Help Your Company Teach and Communicate Better With Its Prospects and Customers


Does your company do a great job of explaining what it does or what problems it solves? If your company is like most companies, the answer is a resounding NO! or the truth is that you could do a better job. Explaining what it is that you do is the essence of what marketing is and should be. The … [Read more...]

Explainer, Infographic Style Videos: What They Are and Why You Need One


So... What are Explainer, Infographic Style Videos? Explainer videos are short online videos used to explain your company’s product or service. Explainer videos are extremely popular to those trying to understand a product or service in 30-90 seconds.  They are also very popular with companies … [Read more...]

Lead Generation Tips: Segmenting and Nurturing Your Leads To Increase Sales

Lead Generation

Are you reaching the right people with the right message at the right time? To do this you'll need a customer relationship management system and customized sales tactics based on each of the buying stages of your clients. You'll also need to figure out how your clients best discover, learn, and … [Read more...]

Your Google+ Business Page is Essential to Your Company’s SEO Efforts! See Why…

Google and SEO thumb

Your Google+ Business Page effects your Google Search rankings. Your Google Search rankings are important because 9 out of 10 people search the internet when they want a new product or service. In recent studies, Google's Search Engine accounts for 68% of all searches, while Bing, it's next closest … [Read more...]

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